Dearest Lips


These amazingly amazing lip-glosses are non-toxic, palm-oil free, vegan and cruelty-free lip balm with a smooth and buttery consistency that melts straight onto the lips for instant rehydration. The tubes are plastic-free and home compostable. Handmade in small batches. 

Dearest Lips uses high quality, all-natural ingredients sourced from reputable Australian suppliers. The oils, wax and butters contain no palm oil, no animal products or by-products, are not tested on animals, and are Australian Certified Organic (ACO) or Fair Trade where possible.

Organic Cocoa Butter

Has a rich, pleasant chocolate aroma and is packed with antioxidants. It is one of nature’s richest moisturisers. Our cocoa butter is made from sustainably grown cocoa beans. Women in Ghana use traditional methods and techniques to harvest and prepare the beans by hand. This is the mainstay of the economy for most women and families in these small based communities.

Organic Cupuaçu Butter

A rich, intensive emollient full of beneficial fatty acids that protects and moisturises the skin. Our cupuacu butter is ethically and sustainably sourced, with traceability of Amazonian rainforest seeds.

Organic Coconut Oil

Has a rich coconut aroma and is an excellent skin moisturiser and softener. It is known as one of nature’s best remedies for treating dry skin. We use Fair Trade coconut oil, originating from community based, small-holder farms in Ghana that use traditional processes to harvest the coconuts.

Candelilla Wax

Is a vegetable derived wax that produces excellent gloss and structure. This is a vegan alternative to beeswax. Our Candelilla Wax is manufactured in the far north-east of USA by a reputable American company that our Australian supplier have a long standing business partnership with. They operate under strict GMP Guidelines which does encompass the people, premises and procedures.

Vitamin E Natural

Whilst not a preservative, Vitamin E can be useful to help boost the natural product’s shelf life. It can also assist with protecting the skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation.