2024 Amelia Lane Life Designer, Desktop Daily (Modern Garden)


Flip chaos into calm and streamline the messiness of life into one beautifully practical daily planner. The Desktop Daily is your wing woman for all the hats you wear. (She’ll even remind you to change hats when it’s time to whiz from snack chef to laundry CEO to social life goddess.)

Day to a page layout gives you glorious space to get organised and wrap your head around your crazybusy life – and still factor in movement and good food.

Optimise your day with an hourly schedule from 6am to 10pm. Zero in on what really needs your attention with three priority tasks (with tick boxes!). A big space for your to-do list lets you sort the must-do from the should-do. There’s even a block for daily notes to scrawl ideas, jot reminders or your day’s gratitude.

Thoughtfully designed for women who thrive on detail, the Desktop Daily gives you the space and time to plan, track and achieve it all. Best daily planner ever to design your year? Absolutely!